Meet the Lucky Ewe Sheepdogs!

Our Current Lineup

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Heather imported Killibrae Kim from Derek Scrimgeour in May 2007, following Kim's successful nursery season in the UK. At nine, Kim is nearing retirement. She is a stylish, quick, smooth-flanking bitch with a great feel for her sheep. Kim is a lot of fun to work, and even more fun to live with.
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Joss was bred by Heather (and whelped by Sally, who raised the litter), a cross of Amanda Milliken's National Finals winner Bart and Heather's Phyl. Joss was "born on the Fourth of July" of 2005. Despite her perfect nursery-dog birthday, Joss has been slow to mature and a real challenge: she's a tough, independent bitch who needs to be convinced to be a team player. But she also has great feel for her sheep and a good amount of power, so Heather keeps plugging away with her. Joss is also cursed with a wonderful personality, so she's going to be Heather's dog forever, whatever happens to her as a trial dog.
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Sally purchased Kip from Vergil Holland in the summer of 2010. He's extremely quick, keen, and intelligent, with a strong desire both to work sheep and to please his handler. At age four, Kip has shown himself to be a useful farm dog with a great deal of heart and an exceedingly friendly, loving nature. Sally and Kip have been running in Open, and Kip improves with every trial.
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Heather imported Bo at the age of two in December 2010, from Wiet Dongan of Holland. Bo's pedigree is predominantly Welsh, with lines going back to Ceri Rundle's Bwlch Hemp/Dolwen Fan cross. At her young age, Bo had already won several Open trials for Wiet. Bo is quick and forward, with solid flanks and an obedient nature. Heather and Bo spent last season getting together, and Heather has enjoyed trailing her in Open, and the two of them have become a successful team. Bo has also been a wonderful house dog, with a sunny, whimsical personality and an affectionate nature. She's a great addition to the pack!
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Sally purchased Sid at just under two years old from Amanda Milliken in the spring of 2011. Amanda had recently imported Sid from Michael Gallagher, winner of the 2010 International with his dog Cap. After breeding Sid to her Roz, Amanda sold Sid to Sally so that Sally could continue his training and get him ready for trials. A son of Gallagher's Cap, Sid has proven enjoyable to train: he has a deft touch with his sheep; he is eager to please; and he has correct flanks and a natural outrun. In addition, he is a loving and affectionate house dog, and he and Sally have become inseparable. Sally and Sid have just begun to trial in Open in the spring of 2013.
Gyp, now two and a half, was imported by Sally in 2012. Her sire is John Maginn's Mozz 00/295386 and her dam is his Amy 282388. Gyp is a very exciting young prospect: she is very stylish, forward, and tough-natured, with a nice, smooth manner with her sheep. Sally is having a great deal of fun bringing her along. Gyp has not yet started her trialing career, but when she does, she'll be something to see!
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In Retirement

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Sally bought Bett from Jeanne Weaver in November 2007, after Jeanne ran her in the Gettysburg nursery finals. Sally and Bett quickly became an effective team, winning Open trials and qualifying for the double-lift finals of the 2009 Bluegrass Classic. In 2010, Sally and Bett made it to the semi-final round of the 2010 National Finals in Middletown, Virginia, finishing in 23rd place out of the 150 top teams who competed.
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Zac, like Phyl, was imported from England in 2001. He and Sally soon became a successful trialing team. Zac is the product of Bobby Dalziel's Jim and D. Young's Jill. Zac is a beautiful, stylish dog with lovely pace, great presence, extreme biddability, and natural tact with his sheep. Now fourteen, Zac spends most of his time lounging around Sally's house, being petted and playing with his toys.
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Paige is the product of Amanda Milliken's International-winning Craig and Sally's Gail: she has been trained exclusively by Sally since puppyhood. An extremely smart bitch with natural stock sense, Paige has both won and placed regularly in large Open classes throughout her career with Sally. Now in retirement at thirteen years old, Paige finished her final two trial seasons as one of the top-ranked bitches in North America, with solid placements at prestigious double-lift trials like Grass Creek Park in Kingston, Ontario and the Bluegrass Classic in Lexington, Kentucky.

Gone But Not Forgotten

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Heather imported Phyl from England in 2001. Phyl's father was Bobby Dalziel's Jim and her mother was Bobby Dalziel's Gael (who herself is the same breeding--Bobby's Wisp to Bobby's Dot--as his Cap). She was a very talented bitch who was the perfect dog for Heather. Phyl died in 2013 at the age of 14 and a half, and she will always be missed.
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Gail, who died in 2009 at the age of sixteen, was purchased by Sally as a six-year-old as Sally's first trial dog. She originally had been imported from England. Gail was the daughter of Julie Simpson's International champion Moss and Julie Simpson's Scottish Nationals champion Gwen. Gail had a lovely, natural manner with her sheep, and as such was an ideal dog from whom to learn the art of handling. Gail was the dam of Stuart Davidson's Whiterose Kep, winner of the Scottish Nationals and well known as an influential sire both in the United States and in the UK.